22 March 2022

Hello and welcome to LegacyScore.

What is LegacyScore?

LegacyScore is here to make financial planning easy. We help to give you a clear picture of your finances so you can see the value in your today, tomorrow and thereafter with our smart open banking and wealth planning tools.

Based on all of the information you provide us, we will give you a LegacyScore out of 1000, so you can see how effective your finances are based on your individual situation.

Your LegacyScore is generated by looking at the following areas: financial competency, financial literacy, relationships, wills, legacy planning, goals, insurance, validation, assets and debts.

So, what does it do?

Add your insurance coverage, connect your bank accounts and do a credit search to connect all of your loans to the corresponding assets.

You can then get free valuations on your assets, such as your house and car, so you can see how much equity you have vs debt, allowing you to make smarter financial decisions.

Why is LegacyScore great for estate planning?

LegacyScore allows you to see all of your assets in one place, upload all of the corresponding documentation as well as all of your insurance policies. You can then add your will and a next of kin/executor so they can understand your finances should something happen to you.

How does it work?

With LegacyScore you can add all of your assets/financial accounts manually or use our smart tools like, open banking, credit searches and more.

Once you’re logged in and your accounts are added, you can upload any policy information to support your assets and the LegacyScore team will verify these. We do this so we can make sure all of your information is correct and you have exactly what you think you have when it comes to things like credit and insurance.

If you have any joint insurance policies or bank accounts you can invite the joint policy holder to join LegacyScore or accept the account to appear on their dashboard too.

You will be given your LegacyScore out of 1000 so you can see how fit your finances are based on your situation.

Finally you can anoint your next of kin/account executor so if something happens to you, they can request access to LegacyScore and act on your estate.

Why is financial awareness important?

LegacyScore is designed to give you financial wellbeing. We know that ultimately your health is your wealth and we want to take the stress away from your finances. Our dashboard is designed to be relevant for every moment in your life from planning to execution. We want you to feel empowered to understand your unique financial footprint and be able to plan and be in control the future you want.

With new functionality being added weekly, we’re constantly evolving so we can cover all of your financial planning needs.

So, if you’re looking for a clear picture of your finances, want to make financial planning easy or get your estate in order, sign up for your free LegacyScore account today.

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