About Us

LegacyScore is designed to enable individuals and their families to see the value in their today and tomorrow with our smart open banking, wealth management and estate planning tools.

Get free asset valuations so you can see how much equity is in your house, car and other assets. Check your insurance coverage, connect your bank accounts, upload your will and more.


Enabling you to get the most from your financial position, whatever it may be


To be the UK’s number one source of consumer’s financial knowledge


LegacyScore brings real financial gains to its users today, tomorrow and after, It does this by
Automating their full financial position, what they owe and what they own
Coaching them to improve their behaviours with money
Supporting them with financiaI product selection
Planning for the difficult times that impact us all be it ill health or death

End-to-end security

Get piece of mind with strong security systems and trusted partners.

About security

We use 128-bit TLS encryption to encrypt your data and to secure all communications between our website and your browser. So you can be sure that only parties authorised to view your information can do so, leaving any potential eavesdroppers out! Our application is hosted on secure data centres and our security standards and practices are periodically tested by independent companies.

Your LegacyScore is composed of

Financial Competency

The implementation and application of financial literacy rules to your portfolio


Values the relationships you hold with family and friends.

Legacy Plan

Provides you with the ability to plan the financial distribution of your wealth amongst your beneficiaries.

Will Document

Protects your Legacy and ensures your wishes are supported ensuring those you intend to benefit from your legacy.

Financial Literacy

is about making financial decisions which are going to increase your net worth.


What do you want to achieve in life? What do you want to achieve with your legacy?


A contract  in which an insurer indemnifies another against losses from specific contingencies or perils.


Validation is a process of proving the existence and the ownership of your assets, debts and insurance.


An asset is something containing economic value and/or future benefit. An asset can often generate cash flows in the future.


Debt is money borrowed by one party from another.


Just a few examples of our trusted partners so far and more to come.

Your Legacy matters

Not only does it mean keeping your financial affairs in order and some sort of control over your assets, but it can also legally protect, and support loved ones.